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WebbyTroops Technologies is a leading Laravel development company in India with a victorious track record of delivering great Laravel development services to its clients. Our client-centric approach makes us speak with our clients in terms of knowing what their business needs and which technology will suit their business demands.

If you have any idea to develop an app or website for your business, WebbyTroops offer flawless Laravel development services. We have delivered a considerable number of Laravel development services. All of our developers have in-depth knowledge of the framework. Our experienced and nifty developers help customers by turning their ideas into a quick-witted solution that explains the story of the business.

Laravel Development

Laravel is one of the most popular free and open-source web application development frameworks available in PHP with elegant and expressive syntax. And its popularity is growing rapidly day by day. Laravel development has made the development process so quick, easy and straightforward. Laravel has an easy to use approach specifically for beginners. For large and robust applications, Laravel development services are used. Its swift development approach and MVC (Model View Controller) architecture make it different from others.

This framework offers a delightful and creative experience to the users. Laravel has the best of all web frames including Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, ASP.NET and MVA. Many of the world’s top-ranked businesses such as BBC, 9GAG, and many more have built their website using Laravel.

Laravel's Key Design Points


For database schemas, it helps to provide a source control system. It simplifies the software development and updation of Laravel-based applications.

Reverse Routing

It is a relation between links and routes. The appropriate (URIs) uniform resource identifiers are automatically created by Laravel when the links are created by using names of existing routes.


This platform helps to forecast monthly trends, and check the place and time of the readers who are coming on the website. Other Features are such as Distraction-free writing, Publication Statistics, Custom Social Data, Unsplash Integration.

Unit Testing

It is an integral part of Laravel web development. To detect and stop the regression in the framework, it runs the unit test itself.

Automatic pagination

Larvel simplifies the task of pagination by replacing it with automatic pagination rather than using the standard manual implementation approaches.


Laravel comes up with bundles that provide a modular packaging system which makes it easy to integrate with applications.

Restful Controllers

Gives an alternative way to separate the logic behind serving HTTP GET and POST requests.

Class Autoloading

Without the need for manual maintenance of inclusion paths, it provides automated loading of PHP classes.

Lazy Collection

This feature of Laravel deals with massive loads of data by keeping memory usage low.

What are The Greatest Benefits of Choosing Laravel Development?

Multi-Language Support

Laravel development gives business owners access to expand their business in several countries easily and quickly with Laravel’s multilingual support.

Restful Controllers

Laravel simplifies the logic behind serving HTTP GET and POST requests

Authorization and Authentication

Laravel makes the process of implementing authentication very easy. Laravel also bring out a method that straightens the control access and authorization logic.

Built-in Libraries

Laravel offers hassle-free implementation and it is the only framework that includes object-oriented libraries and dynamic pre-installed libraries.

Mail Services

Laravel provides drivers for SMTP, Mailgun, SparkPost, Mandrill, PHP’s “mail” function and Amazon SES that allows an application to get started quickly.

Database Migration

Laravel makes keeping database in sync between development machines simple

Configuration Error and Exception Handling

Laravel is blended with the Monolog Logging Library that gives support to various powerful log handlers.

Faster Development

Laravel Framework provides cache drivers that are an astonishing built-in tool to keep the Laravel applications fast.

What Services We Offer as a Laravel Development Company

WebbyTroops as a Laravel development company has adapted Laravel Development since its inception and delivers effective results to the clients.

Laravel RESTful Application Development

WebbyTroop is a leading Laravel development company in India. Our skilled developers have hands-on experience in developing high-quality RESTful APIs with the unique business needs of our clients.

Laravel Extension Development

WebbyTroop’s developers are proficient and ingenious to develop any Laravel extensions. Our Laravel developers are well trained to explore special Laravel development needs like payment, eCommerce, and many more.

AI & Machine Learning Integration

We surprise our customers by offering them a completely new experience. We have the best team of Laravel developers with rich experiences in technology like AI and Machine Learning to offer our clients future-ready enterprise-level applications.

Laravel Maintenance and Support

After delivering you the service, we do not overburden you with the responsibility to handle it. We provide 24×7 & flexible maintenance and customer support to help you with your genuine concerns..

Laravel CRM Development

Our nifty team of developers have a good hand on creating any arduous CRM from scratch. We always try to provide wide-ranging features to help our clients so that they can easily maintain interaction with their customers.

Laravel Web and App Development

Whether you want a tailored Laravel web application, Laravel web solution, or a software product developed on Laravel. Our full-stack developers will help you to create your desired solution by integrating the latest services.

Laravel Customization and Integration

Our full-stack developers provide you with customization and Integration services by accommodating your prescriptions for web applications.

Laravel Upgradation and Migration Services

Whether your existing application is running on the PHP framework or not. Our skilled Laravel developers help you to migrate between Laravel platforms without any glitch by ensuring that all the process and data is migrated smoothly.

Scale-up your online business and raise the level of intimacy with your business to a new extent with our Laravel development service

Why Choose WebbyTroops for Laravel Web Development Company?

  • We have highly skilled developers who are expert in Laravel development and can deliver you your desired results.
  • 24*7 maintenance and customer support to keep you burden-free. We are just a call away for any technical assistance.
  • Timely delivery of all our projects as we understand and respect the value of time.
  • We provide an affordable and cost-effective Web and app development services without signing a blank check.
  • Our developers work to create top-notch services by keeping all the coding guidelines in the mind.